Upcoming Events

The Bionic Clinician, London, 9th December 2014

In collaboration with TechUK, this event brings together a collection of distinguished speakers to discuss how recent technological innovations may affect the future of healthcare. Dr Ramanan will be chairing the event and running a workshop as part of the proceedings.

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Welcome to Innovative Solutions in Informatics

A start-up consultancy designed to promote the uptake of technology in the health-space in order to improve patient safety and clinical outcomes.

Founded by Dr R Ramanan - a cardiac surgeon with more than 35 years' clinical experience - the company positions itself as a 'universal translator' with the aim of bridging the gulf between clinicians and technologists.

A unique combination of experience on both the clinical and technological fronts, enables the company to operate efficiently in this niche sector. In doing so, Dr Ramanan hopes to achieve the much-needed shift in focus from healthcare delivery to welfare assurance, vastly improving the patient experience.